Instagram reakcije na povlačenje princa Harryja i Meghan Markle s kraljevskih dužnosti su urnebesne

Mnogi su izlazak Meghan i Harryja iz kraljevske obitelji iskoristili za šalu. Evo najboljih

Sada kada smo došli k sebi od šoka i nevjerice zbog udarne vijesti o povlačenju princa Harryja i Meghan Markle s kraljevskih dužnosti, vrijeme je za zabavu. Svjedoci smo kako je ta vijest podijelila svjetsku javnost. Dok ih jedni podupiru u njihovoj ideji neovisnoga života, drugi misle kako je to velika izdaja britanske kraljevske obitelji, no jedno je sigurno, već se danima svi skupa dobro zabavljamo na društvenim mrežama i to sve možemo zahvaliti njima.

Nedugo nakon njihove objave kako će minimalizirati svoje kraljevske dužnosti internet su preplavili razni urnebesni statusi, grafike i memeovi na njihov račun. Mi moramo priznati da su nas pojedini statusi beskrajno zabavljali i nasmijali. Evo najboljih #Megxit postova.

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Now that Harry and Meghan are stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family and becoming financially independent, I humbly announce that I'm happy to accept whatever money they would be getting. But why tf are they doing this? Link in bio for what we think. @betches_sup

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#queenrules #megxit

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??? Get ready for a #Megxit special on Monday morning! In the meantime, if you want to read another inspiring story of financial independence, scroll to the very end of my highlights to ‘F*** off funds’ for the infamous story of Paulette Perhach. . In other news.. Happy Friday! If you’re feeling the January pinch, head over to my stories where I’ve linked to some brand new freebies on the website, perfect for a no spend weekend ?From gym passes to food to free coffee, I’ve got you covered. Have a good one ? . Alice x . . . . . . . #moneymatters#moneymanagement #moneygoals #financialpeace #financialfitness #meghanmarkle #savingmoney#personalfinance #savingmoney#wealthmanagement #whatamidoingwithmylife#financememes #moneymemes#studentmemes #millennialmemes#moneytips #debtfreejourney #debtfreegoals #ukdebtfreecommunity #ukdebtfree#debtfreeliving #wealthbuilding#wealthmanagement#moneysavingtips #meghanandharry #financialpeace #moneymoves #financialindependence

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#megxit ??????????

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? #Repost @demetriallucas ・・・ I have never in life seen so many people so mad about two grown ass people who want to work. This is worse than when LeBron went to Miami. ??? The raging racism compounded with sexism toward Meghan is astounding! A lot of folks are really mad that this black woman refuses to treated bad and that HER OWN HUSBAND is willing to literally leave and cleave, a Biblical principle, to protect her. If you got a raggedy husband that won’t protect you, that’s a *you* problem. And if you’re a raggedy ass husband that won’t protect your wife? That’s a *y’all* problem that ain’t got sh— to do with Cousin Meghan. Sheesh! I also find it entirely amusing how all his adult life, Harry has been thought of as cheeky and rebellious, but somehow this whole entire ✌? must be solely Meghan’s idea and he’s just some ball-less man, blindly following. Stop it. Folks refuse two believe two grown ass, married ass people in a union, worked in unison to make a decision TOGETHER because THEY wanted out. I love this whole thing. They been executing it for MONTHS. The Royals are on some, “this isn’t finished. We’re still in talks”. Meanwhile, Meghan’s already dipped back to Canada. Harry will join her after he wrap things up at home, ie, you deal with your people. This whole thing is gold. Also, they’re worth $42M of their own coin. I think they’ll be ok. #megxit

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