Genijalni ženski profili koji predstavljaju stvari onakvima kakve jesu. I usput nas nasmijavaju

Na ovim Instagram profilima nećete vidjeti savršena lica i tijela, baš suprotno

Nerijetko se spominje koliko velik utjecaj ima prikaz ženske osobe koja se pojavljuje u javnosti i koliko to može činiti razliku u životima mladih djevojaka. Razmišljanje o tome da nisu dovoljno lijepe, zgodne, mršave ili visoke može ozbiljno utjecati na njihovo samopouzdanje pa time i na generalnu životnu uspješnost.

Sve veći broj mladih djevojaka i žena odlučuje se na promjene na licu ili tijelu samo kako bi spadale u skupinu onih djevojaka koje smatraju lijepima. Baš zato što smo okružene poprilično umjetnim prezentacijama osoba, svidjelo nam se što postoje neki Instagram profili koji zapravo prikazuju kako ne postoji ružno te da je svatko lijep na svoj način.

Dok pratimo slike poznatih osoba koje su često pod svjetlom reflektora i koje u mnogo slučaja ne prikazuju pravu sliku o sebi, važno je da pronađemo inspiraciju za sebe i druge i u onim možda, manje popularnim, stvarima. Velik nos, koja kila više, a koji centimetar manje, kao i pjegice ili madeži, sve to je dio svačije ljepote. Ovi Instagram profili upravo to i slave.

Celeste Barber

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That awkward moment Rihanna copies your Christmas card. #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny #savagexfenty #rihanna

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Meghan Jayne Crabbe

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Hi this is my new dog walking outfit ?✨ ????? • [Image description: Megan is wearing a rainbow sequin jumpsuit with pink shoes and standing on a marble staircase with one hand on her hip]

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Em Ford

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It’s November 1st ? Which means only one thing… the countdown to #YouLookDisgusting 2 begins ❤️ #mypaleskinblog #skinpositivity

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Thick Lee Yonce

Self Love Squad

Chessie King

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“I want to apologise to all the women I have called pretty before I’ve called them intelligent or brave. I am sorry I made it sound as though something as simple as what you’re born with is the most you have to be proud of when your spirit has crushed mountains from now on I will say things like you are resilient or you are extraordinary not because I don’t think you’re pretty but because you are so much more than that” – Rupi Kaur I saw this on @thefoodmedic’s story today & it really moved me. I want people to see me for who I am, deeper than my photos on here, even when I try & show ‘reality’ it’s a snippet of my life. I want to bring my children up telling them they can do whatever they want because they are incredible humans, right down to the core, before telling them they look handsome or gorgeous in their clothes ❤️?? YOU ARE EXTRA – ORDINARY ⭐️✨ Image description – This is a split screen side by side photo. Chessie is in a white dress taking a photo in the mirror.

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Sara Puhto

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Negative thoughts ? Whenever I went to the beach or a pool, I would suck in and sit really unnaturally to make myself look as small as possible because I was insecure about my tummy because I thought it was “too big”. I would think that if I worked out enough or ate healthy enough that I would just start feeling better about how I looked. The truth is, when I worked out and ate healthy I just kept thinking I need to do more and what I was doing wasn’t enough. I only started feeling comfortable in my skin when I realized everyone had these thoughts. Everyone has insecurities. Most people suck in their tummies, flex constantly or sit in an uncomfortable way or hide their insecurities to make themselves “look better”. But there is nothing wrong or unnatural about how we look without these things. Our relaxed bodies are normal, they look good!!! We should all just slowly start flaunting our insecurities. Because the more people that sit without sucking in their tummies, or start posting photos of themselves not sucking in/flexing, we can start becoming comfortable with the idea that our bodies are actually completely fine and beautiful the way they are. Next time you’re in a bikini or in swimming shorts, just relax your body, don’t worry about how you look!!! You could be helping someone else who is insecure by relaxing your body and helping them realise that they shouldn’t care about what other people think either! The thing that needs changing is the way we view our bodies and insecurities!! ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #bikinibody #bikiniready #instagramvsreality #noshameinmygame

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Libby Phillips

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Strength in softness ? I absolutely hate the digitalised version of this one, but you can swipe to see the original which I like a lot better! I hate hate hate doing portraits of real people usually but as soon as I saw @bodyposipanda 's recent post I knew I had to try and draw it. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have everything to thank Megan for. All of this is because I accidentally stumbled across her account in April 2017. I'm so so glad I did. ? And in the spirit of of #GivingTuesday (even though it's Wednesday) I wanted to give back. Megan if you see this, I'd love to send the original to you if you'd like it! ❤️ And I'm choosing somebody random to send a free piece of art to soon as well, just to say thank you and to serve as a reminder that everyone deserves good things, and that giving a little can sometimes have huge effects. Good ones! To be in with a chance of being picked, comment something nice you've done for yourself or someone else today, or something you're proud of! ? Have a lovely evening everyone – I should get back to the geography revision I should have been doing. ? ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #bopowarrior#riotsnotdiets#bodypositive#bodyconfidence#bodyconfident#bopoart#art#bodyart#illustration#bodypositivepower#inspo#inspiration#mybadassbody#lfl#feminist#feminism#donewithdieting#beinclusive#inclusive#mentalhealth#health#nude#nudeart#nakedart#naked#bopo#love#l4l#f4f

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Sonny Turner

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This is ur weekly reminded that Instagram is a highlight reel and not always an accurate depiction of real life‼️‼️‼️‼️ IMAGES ARE CURATED! And manipulated. We pose in certain angles & certain positions that make our bodies look a certain way (often more snatched than usual). By wearing a thong swimsuit, hiking it up so it’s more high waisted, breathing in and then some tactical hand placement I was able to achieve this level of snatchery n insta baddie level ???. Please do get stuck in a rut of comparing yourself to others online ? Unfollow anyone on social media and in real life who doesn’t make you feel empowered, informed or inspired ????? YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE SO ENOUGH ????? #everybodyisbeautiful #beautybeyondsize

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Katie Sturino

Body Positivity

Jada Sezer

Karina Irby


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